Program Name:

I. Local business volume

A. Non-personnel expenditures for the fiscal year

  Your non-personnel budget (the percentage of those dollars spent in your local area)

B. Personnel expenditures for the fiscal year

  Your total budget for staff wages and benefits (excluding instructors)

C. Expenditures by Visitors from outside the area (Seminars & Conferences, Special Events, etc.)

  Average amount spent per day
  Average number of days in the community

D. Expenditures by non-credit/enrichment class attended

  Number of participants per year
  Average number of sessions per year
  Average amount (non-fee) spent per session attended (vending, meals, parking supplies, etc.)

II. Cost Savings to Business and Industry

  Number of people who regularly participate in fitness related programs in your program (yoga, aerobics, belly dance, ballroom dance, etc.)

III. Measure the productivity increases facilitated by your program

  Average number of professionals who participate in your training programs
  Determine the average salary for the professionals attending your training programs
  Number of participants you serve in non-credit business classes
  Average salary of these participants

V. Jobs created

  Your total non-personnel expense budget

VI. Total personal income to regional residents

  Total salary for instructors

VII. Total expansion of local credit base

  Total Budget